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The Beginning of the End of America

I don't generally cover politics on my website, largely because I feel the politial process in the United States is broken. In my opinion, there is virtually no meaningful "conversation" happening currently amongst our citizens here in the United States. That said, I have no choice but to express my shock with President Bush' signing Tuesday of the Military Commissions Act.

This bill marks the first time since World War II (and the Japanese internment camps) the right of habeas corpus has been curtailed by law for citizens of the United States. Before now, the principle of habeas corpus meant that anyone thrown in jail had a right to ask a judge to hear his case in addition to having an attorney represent him. He also had a right to go free if the government couldn't show a legal basis for holding him. This bill now repeals these basic rights for all habitants and citizens of the United States. You could, on any day, be imprisoned with no recourse for any reason the government decides.

See Keith Olbermann's moving commentary on this egregious act: The Beginning of the End of America.

Who would have thought a former sports journalist would be among the most sensible voices in these insane times. I have no love for the Democrats either but please vote to control this extremist in November.


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