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The SoDA Report 2013 Volume 2

Early last year, I edited the the “People Power” section in Volume 1 of the 2013 SoDA Report. Both the report and my section turned out really well, being downloaded over 150,000 times. A personal highlight is an insightful interview I did with Patrick Whitney, Director of the Institute of Design. You can download Volume 1 of the report as an interactive iPad app or go grab it here on SlideShare: 2013 SoDA Report Volume 1.

Although I edited the "Tech Talk" section of Volume 2 last year, I never got around to posting it here. That's a shame given it's a great report which was also very successful, and downloaded over 90,000 times. The intent of the Tech Talk is to "future gaze on the technology developments and trends impacting the industry." Given the larger context of our world, just about everything we do is either being directly delivered or enabled by technology. This fact is more remarkable given the great majority of designers or marketers likely never got into the business out of a love of technology. Ironically, today we can't be successful without it.

There is a lot of great thinking in the report and the interview I did with Mike Kuniavsky, author of Smart Things and Principal at PARC Innovation Services Group, is worth a read. He shares his thoughts on the question: "If you had to select three technologies set to change people's lives, what would they be?" You'll have to check out the report to find out. Grab the interactive iPad version or, view it on SlideShare:

One final note: Volume 1 of the 2014 SoDA Report is out imminently! Look for it.


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